Micro-credential FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Signing Up FAQs

How do I sign up for a Micro-credential?

  1. Decide what Micro-credential you want to work on and refer to the Badge Specification Sheet for the credential.
    PL Foundations is the prerequisite and must be earned prior to beginning work on the other badges.
  2. Decide on your preferred method of learning:
    • Face to Face sessions last approx. 1 to 1.5 hours either at your site or at the LRC; Following the session, there will be follow up activities to do in Schoology to earn the credential.
    • Online involves a learner working through the activities completely within in Schoology.
    • Choose Your Own Path is essentially action research (instructions are housed in Schoology) This method allows the learner to gain knowledge in their own way, i.e. through reading, experience, etc., which will culminate in a demonstration of mastery performance task which involves the Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) model.
      Regardless of the method of learning, we estimate it should take approx. 3-5 hours to work through a credential.
  3. Sign up on TNL for your preferred method of learning.

How do I know if I have successfully registered?

Once you register in TNL, you will receive an email with next steps. If you don’t receive an email check your Clutter folder in your email inbox.

Earning FAQs

What if I received CDD training prior to the launch of Micro-credential?

Teachers who received CDD training will be able to demonstrate mastery for any Micro-credential other than PL Foundations upon verification of the CDD training by the PLF or PL point of contact.

Please note: CDD training did not include PL Foundations. Even if you received CDD training you will have to complete the PL Foundations Micro-credential.

Steps for teachers who have already received CDD training:
  1. Teachers contact their PLF and tell them when they attended the CDD training
  2. PLF contacts either Missy Broker or David Hass with the teachers’ information
  3. Missy Broker or David Hass contact teachers for next steps
  4. Teachers join the Schoology course with the access code they received from Missy Broker or David Hass
  5. Teachers submit their artifact(s) for demonstrating mastery to the F-5. Performance Task assignment in the Face to Face folder within the respective Schoology course

Do I have to earn the PL Foundations Prerequisite Micro-credential first in order to work on additional Micro-credentials?

Yes. However, this is our only prerequisite. Once you earn the badge, you can begin working on any of the others offered and available on the PL track.

Will the district pay me a stipend for earning the Micro-credential?

Check with your administration and/or Personalized Learning Facilitator to see if they offer a stipend for work on the credential beyond contract hours. If so, please follow the steps below.

How to Claim Compensation for Earning a Micro-credential
  1. Teachers demonstrate mastery for a badge and earn the Micro-credential
  2. Teachers receive the recognition packet (containing button, sticker, and certificate, etc.)
  3. Teachers provide a copy of the certificate to the PLF/PL point of contact
  4. PLF/PL point of contact and bookkeeper fills out the correct compensation form with proper cost strips
  5. PLF/PL point of contact gives their bookkeeper all copies of the teachers’ certificates
  6. Bookkeeper sends the completed compensation form and all copies of the teacher certificates to Sharon Gomez

What do I get for earning the Micro-credential?

Once you have demonstrated mastery, you will receive district wide recognition, a certificate, a poster to track the badges you earn, a digital badge (in TNL-coming soon), a pin for your lanyard and MIP points.

How will I know if I earned the Micro-credential?

Your badge facilitator will notify you via email and let you know when you will be receiving the items as described above.

What happens if I choose not to finish the Micro-credential?

Let your badge facilitator know that you do not intend to finish. Please be advised, if you do not finish the badge requirements, you will not get MIP points or a stipend (if applicable).

What if it takes me longer than 3-5 hours to earn the Micro-credential?

Be sure to indicate this on the survey and/or let your badge facilitator know.

How often will Demonstration of Mastery submissions be reviewed?

Demonstration of Mastery submissions will be reviewed once a month.

How many reviewers will evaluate my Demonstration of Mastery submission?

3 reviewers with a personalized learning and/or curriculum background will be reviewing the submissions

What if I do not get a 3 or higher on the Task Neutral Rubric on my Demonstration of Mastery performance task?

Your badge facilitator will be providing feedback and recommendations and will encourage you to resubmit. You can resubmit as many times as needed to get to a level 3 or higher (proficiency).

Learning FAQs

Can we utilize Micro-credentials in a PLC?

Absolutely! It is recommended that you contact the badge facilitator to review best practices with you as to how the PLC can be conducted using a micro-credential module.

Can teachers collaborate while earning a Micro-credential?

For sure! We highly encourage teachers to collaborate while earning a Micro-credential. Teachers can discuss course material, plan their assignment submissions, and dive deeper in their learning as a group in order to approach their learning with team goals in mind. However, we do ask that each teacher submit their own work since teachers are personalizing their own learning environment to meet the needs of their stakeholders (students, parents, etc.).

Is the PL Micro-credential track open to classroom teachers only?

No, it’s available to non-loadbearing teachers, school/district instructional coaches and administrators.

What if I want to switch my method of learning?

Not a problem! Just let your badge facilitator know.

How often will the facilitators review submissions?

Badge facilitators will be checking in weekly to provide feedback (when applicable).

What is the difference between a Micro-credential and a Micro badge?

Micro-credentials are a way to identify demonstrated competencies. Micro-badges (digital badges) are ways to showcase what you’ve learned.

Where are the Micro-credential modules housed?

The modules are housed in Schoology. Micro Badges that are issued will be housed in True North Logic (pending the software update).

For more information, please contact Missy Broker or David Hass.