What are Micro-credentials? Micro-credentials offer a way to showcase what learners know and have mastered; they are essentially a way to recognize competencies. Micro-credentials are identified by digital badges which the learner earns after demonstrating mastery. As LCS shifts to Personalized Learning, opportunities become personalized for ALL learners, including students, teachers, administrators, staff, etc. Through Micro-credentialing, professional development will be offered in a way that allows for choice in the method of learning, in the path that is taken, and in the method in which mastery is demonstrated.

Why Earn Micro-credentials? 

  • Choice in what, when, and how to learn
    • Face to face
    • Online
    • Choose Your Own Path (using the PDCA model)
  • Choice in how mastery is demonstrated
  • Facilitators available to guide and support learners
  • Opportunities to showcase mastered competencies
  • Learning organized into digestible bites (3-5 hours per credential) providing opportunities to reflect, practice and apply
  • MIP points issued towards re-certification

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